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Solar Panel Relocation & Removal

Solar Panel Relocation & Removal

Our solar panel company spends a good deal of its time installing new solar energy systems for Front Range homes and businesses. There are times, however, when removal of solar panels is necessary. Our solar panel removal jobs are just as outstanding as our installations! Need your solar panel system removed to replace your roof? We can remove and re-install your solar system!

If your roof has recently sustained weather damage, or if it has come to the end of its natural service life, you may need assistance with solar removal. Southard Solar offers solar removal services for homeowners who are replacing roofs, or doing other work around the house that requires removals of solar panels before the work can begin.

Southard Solar can also assist with removal and replacement in cases where the solar panels themselves have been damaged or have become outdated by newer, more efficient technology. We definitely know about installation and removal of solar panels and have built our reputation over the years as the trusted solar panel company that folks in the Front Range (including Firestone, Longmont, and Frederick) trust.

Front Range

No matter where you are on the Front Range, Southard Solar provides solar removal technicians to anyone in the Denver Metro, Boulder County, Loveland and Longmont areas. We also specialize in helping people who are trying to build sustainable off-grid and tiny homes, so we will come to you, even if you are far off the beaten path. Whether it is hail damage, fire damage, or just a new addition to the house, we will make sure we can get to you and provide professional solar panel removal services

Our technicians are trained and experienced in proper solar panel removal practices, so they will inspect the roof and surrounding areas for any signs of damage or failure. If solar panels are going to be replaced after the roofing or construction work has been completed, they will also check all components of the system for proper functionality and replace any parts that are not performing up to expectations. If the solar panels are going to be permanently removed or relocated, Southard Solar will seal any remaining puncture holes in the roof or structure to prevent leaks in the future.


Southard Solar has partnered with a number of national solar panel affiliates, providing solar removal as a contract service for local roofing companies. We are happy to coordinate our services with your roofing contractors to ensure that your project is completed in a timely and efficient manner.

As solar power technology continues to improve over time, Southard Solar is also available to help with solar panel removal leading up to a redesigned and more efficient array of panels. We will help take out any old components and replace them with newer and better pieces that will help you generate and store more energy. We will also make any necessary adjustments to solar panel location to ensure that you are getting the best possible exposure to the sun, based on our years of operating in the solar industry.

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