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Solar Panel Upgrade & Repair Services

You’ve been depending on your solar energy system for years and you’re wondering if it’s time to upgrade to the latest technology. Or maybe you’ve had a more recent installation, but you like being on the forefront of the latest solar tech. Either way, Southard Solar is here for you when you want to explore what the newest solar power installations have to offer. We can come to your site (home or business) and estimate your needs. Then we’ll talk to you about what the latest solar technology has to offer. It’s a free, no obligation evaluation that could end up providing you with a roadmap to significant savings if you upgrade.

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Is it time for a Solar Upgrade?

  • We can add on to expand your solar array.
  • Upgrade your inverter to get 25-30% more production!
  • Replace your old string inverter with Enphase Energy Micro Inverters!
  • Free Estimates on all solar upgrades.
  • We can maintain, service, and repair any solar array in Colorado!
  • Full service maintenance on all Off Grid Solar with batteries
  • We do battery replacements for off grid solar

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