Solar company Erie

Solar Company ErieSolar energy is an amazing alternative energy source and if you want to save energy and money, installing a solar system is the way to go. Our licensed and insured installation experts at our Erie solar company have been providing top-quality and professional installation of all your solar needs since 1987. We can provide you the solution to your large monthly energy bills and can even work with homes and businesses that are under shady conditions to maximize the solar output.

Not only do we do installation, we can also provide removal services, upgrade your existing setup, work on tiny homes and even off-grid structures. We provide you with a free initial consultation, which will give you a price estimate, as well as potential design ideas and a site evaluation.

Solar energy provides a clean and renewable energy source, which not only is great for our environment; it is great for your pocketbook. Studies have shown that by installing a solar energy source on your home or business, you’ll instantly see savings on your energy bills and your initial investment will pay off before the warranty is up on the panels.

We are the experts! Give us a call today at (303) 835-3003 to learn more about how solar energy can change your life. We are open Monday to Friday from 7am until 5pm.