The Pros and Cons of Raising Children off the Grid

The Pros and Cons of Raising Children off the Grid

The Pros and Cons of Raising Children off the Grid

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  • On May 5, 2017
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Ever since solar power systems were introduced to the public in Frederick, thousands of people have decided to start investing in solar power. However, there are some people who have realized how opportunistic solar power really is, and decided to sell their homes and start living a more adventurous type of life. Unsurprisingly, modern families are choosing to live a more nomadic lifestyle and decided to live off the grid. While this may be a fantastic idea for a young or retiring couple, it does pose some interesting questions when children are involved. Although it has been proven that homeschooling children can be more beneficial than sending them to public school, there are still some concerns involving children being brought up off the grid. The following is a list of pros and cons concerning raising children off the grid.


Children Will Learn to Fend for Themselves

A great benefit of raising a child off the grid is that they are going to learn to fend for themselves, which will cause them to grow up very differently than the average kid. Kids living in off the grid communities can usually garden, cook, and help supply a home with its necessities.

Children Will Have a Deep Understanding of Nature

In today’s society, adults often joke about how children don’t get to be children anymore, which isn’t that far off from the truth. Seemingly from birth, newage children are brought up with complicated technologies that often make them more prone to spending time on the couch than in the forest. In other words; children are being robbed of the simplicity and beauty of a typical childhood. Living in an off the grid community can seriously help children reconnect with nature.

Children Will be Far Away From Harmful Social Interactions

Today, children start learning about social media as soon as they are born. As a result of this, they often develop some social stigmas from a young age and start believing that taking nice pictures and getting likes is the equivalent to leading a happy life. Children who are raised off the grid don’t usually have cell phones, and are not totally consumed by social media.


Children Will Have Difficulty Getting Medical Care During Emergencies

Most off the grid communities aren’t close to towns or cities, which can be concerning should a child fall ill and need immediate care. However, in most cases, there are family doctors or naturopaths who live in these communities and can offer help.

Children May not Develop the Right Social Skills

One of the biggest problems about raising children off the grid is not giving them the tools to develop social skills. Because of this, it is recommended that children are raised in off the grid communities that have a decent underage population.