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Off-Grid Solar Generators & Trailers

off grid solar energy Colorado

Our Solarator powered all the bands at the RTD Light rail opening of the Lakewood Station.

Who knew that off-grid solar generator trailers could have so many amazing uses? Try one as the basis for your new tiny home. Or use it to power your event. You might even want to use one as an emergency generator. No more sitting in the dark when the power goes out!

These are just a few of the uses you can put our solar trailers to – hundreds of our customers are putting them to the test for dozens of applications; you can too! Get in touch with us today and discover the convenience and power these solar trailers provide. Please submit the form below for your Free Estimate.

Use our solar trailers to:

  • Build your off grid home
  • Emergency portable generator power
  • We even powered a Rock Concert with our Solarator Trailer, quiet power for any concert!
  •  Rent a solar trailer for your event today!
  • Portable power anywhere you go!

We build these trailers customized for your needs, any size battery bank you require!

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