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Solar Panel Installation

Solar energy panels are gaining popularity among residential and commercial property owners all over Colorado. With more than three hundred days of sunshine each year, there is plenty of solar power available for your home and business to help you cut your electricity costs to a fraction of what you have been paying.

There are also several state and local-level incentives available to homeowners who join the green initiative. At Southard Solar we serve Frederick, Firestone, Longmont and other cities in the vicinity. Get in touch and have us provide you with a Free Site Estimate. Call at (303) 835-3003 or contact us online.

Is Your House a Good Candidate?

The amount of sunlight that your roof gets will have a direct impact on the amount of power that you are able to produce with solar panels. Fortunately, even houses that are partially shaded or that only receive sunlight on one side can still take advantage of solar panels that are strategically placed. Let Southard Solar provide you with more information and a Free Site Estimate that will help you learn more about the advantages of solar power for your home.

Southard Solar will do an analysis on your home to determine the amount of actual sunlight that your roof receives and give you a solar score that indicates how much power you can expect to generate from solar panels.

How Do Solar Installations Work?

After the initial consultation, a team of highly trained designers will create a solar power system installation plan to fit the exact measurements and layout of your roof. Then, they will submit this plan to you for approval.

Once you have signed a contract and the solar panel installation plan is approved, they will begin applying for the necessary building and zoning permits. They will also apply for any incentives or rebates that are available to reduce the cost of your solar panel installation.

Once the solar panels are in place, the last step is interconnecting the new power source into the power grid. A meter is placed on your home to measure the amount of power you are sending back into the grid during peak hours, so you can earn cash back from the utility company in the future.

From Metro Areas to Tiny Off-Grid Houses

Southard Solar provides solar power system installation services throughout the Denver Metro and Front Range regions, including Boulder County, Loveland, Frederick, Firestone and Longmont. For anyone interested in off-grid or tiny house projects, Southard Solar provides specialized solar power system services and products to meet the unique needs of customers outside of the major urban cities; such as solar installation kits, mobile solar trailers and more. We will travel to you no matter where you are building your off-grid home or tiny house to ensure that you get the products you need to reach your energy goals.

Southard Solar is proud to partner with many different solar affiliates nationwide. We provide solar panel installations for many major solar brands. We have the flexibility and resources necessary to get your solar energy project started in a timely fashion and get you the energy savings you desire sooner rather than later.

For more information about solar installations for your home, please contact Southard Solar today. We offer free estimates so you can see how solar panels will be a good investment for you for years to come.

We are a full-service solar installation company.

We have installed over 500 Homes up and down the Front Range.

We are a full-service solar installation company.

We have installed over 500 Homes up and down the Front Range.

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